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Husab mine reached for profits in 2022 for first time

Husab mine reached for profits in 2022 for first time

Swakop Uranium’s Husab mine in Namibia this week launched its 2022 sustainability report, which highlights the successfully implemented and monitored 2022 sustainability initiatives.

Speaking in a keynote address, Minister of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism, Hon Pohamba Shifeta commended the company for their remarkable effort to conserve and preserve biodiversity in their exclusive prospecting licenses, all while contributing to the prosperity of Namibia.

“It is worth noting that the theme of the report is heavily linked to the environmental preservation efforts of the Husab Mine, which is ‘Producing clean energy, fuelling the environment and preserving the environment,” he said adding that the three actions are intricately linked and the aim is to balance the three to minimize any negative effects on the environment.

During the event, Shi Bin, Vice President of China General Nuclear (CGN), emphasized the company’s commitment to clean energy, which has always been its core mission. CGN aims to meet society’s increasing need for clean, safe, and sustainable energy.

“To achieve this objective, CGN has been guided by the principles of, “safety, green practices, and responsibility” in its pursuit of sustainable development. It has built a solid foundation on safe and reliable operations, promoted the environmentally friendly aspects of nuclear energy, and established a corporate philosophy rooted in responsibility,” he said.

According to the report which covered the period, 01 January 2022 to 31 December 2022, the Husab Mine injected over N$3.2 billion into the local economy through local procurement, taxes and royalties, employee salaries, and benefits as well as social investments.

“We recognize that the health and longevity of our business include, ‘Production, people and planet’. Strong corporate governance, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship are essential aspects that we have adopted to make the company a more responsible and operating business,” Swakop Uranium’s Husab Mine Chief Executie, Qiu Bin noted in his message.

Meanwhile, Inge Zaamwani, the Board Chairperson said this year’s launch was special as the company anticipates making a profit for the first time since the mine opened.


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