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Maximising the mining multiplier – high-level financial team leverages extractive opportunities

Maximising the mining multiplier – high-level financial team leverages extractive opportunities

Nedbank Namibia’s Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB) Mining and Resources Finance team showcased their capability in the mining and resource sector at the Namibian Mining Expo held last week in Windhoek.

The team shared insights on how the local mining sector can position itself in the global context in terms of direct foreign investments and how Nedbank CIB assists in realising this dream.

Nedbank CIB Investment Banking Manager, Dominic Shikola who heads the Mining and Resources team, said the Mining Expo was a perfect opportunity to show Nedbank’s dedication to the industry.

“Nedbank CIB’s Mining and Resources team are committed to the mining sector and we understand that growing any business requires capital. We will continue to play a crucial role in ensuring that the sector has access to the much-needed capital it requires, as we are aware that it is critical for the growth of the Namibian economy. We are a team of professionals who understand the African mining agenda,” said Shikola.

Nedbank also provided a networking session for experts to meet the team as well as to encourage topical conversations in the mining financing sector. The bank’s modern stand on the ground floor of the Camelthorn Hall was a popular stop for expo-goers.

Shikola said Nedbank aims to be a leader in maximising the multiplier effect within the Namibian mining sector.

Nedbank CIB’s Mining and Resources Finance team comprises of professionals includes engineers, metallurgist, chartered accountants, a geologist and a theologian as well as technical staff who have previously worked in the mining sector.

“Mining will continue to be the locomotive of the Namibian economy, and Nedbank CIB will continue to support and partner with entities within the sector to ensure its sustainability,” said Shikola.

The 2018 mining expo which took place last week under the theme, ‘Maximising the multiplier effect from Namibia’s mining sector,’ provided a platform for networking opportunities and information regarding key trends within the various mining sectors, which drives business strategies and deals.

Caption: Members of the Nedbank CIB Team, Dr Edward Turner, Dominic Shikola and Eunice Tjituka-Katjimune.

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