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Networking SMEs command their own space at Windhoek Show

Networking SMEs command their own space at Windhoek Show

Nine very keen SME owners have taken their products and their services to the Windhoek Show where, for the first time, they are showcasing what they have to offer to the thousands of visitors that will pass the show ground gates this week.

All nine are enterprises that started from scratch but with the guidance under the Development Bank’s National Mentoring and Coaching programme, they are now ready to reach for higher levels and move to mainstream commerce.

The nine SMEs are recognised by their unique offerings and all nine are exhibiting in the Galphini Hall.

They comprise the following enterprises:

Okahadi Investments for quality custom-made leather bags and accessories.

Jazapo Investment for airconditioning and refrigeration.

Mulili & Co Investment for accounting and auditing.

EHN for first aid kits, first aid training and medical supplies.

STEC Leathers for genuine leather shoes and bags.

Ndawapeka Designs for tailoring, smart gowns and embroidery.

Modern World Designs and Manufacturing for uniforms, safety wear and promotional material.

PN Creations for jewellery, printed shirts and mural painting.

Orlalena Photography & Graphic Design for product photography, branding, packaging and ecommerce marketing.

These SMEs with the confidence to take their products and services to a wider clientele are part of 130 enterprises hailing from across the country, who have completed the National Mentoring programme.

What sets this exhibition apart is the joint effort to exhibit in the same space, not only as a sign of solidarity but displaying their eagerness that they are ready to engage a bigger world.

Dr R Trede from Development Consultancy for Southern Africa (DECOSA), who assumes the role of head mentor for this enterprising group, expressed his astonishment at their unwavering dedication.

These businesses have embraced the spirit of networking, actively sharing experiences and offering support to one another, as exemplified by the collaborative efforts of the photographer and designer who prepared promotional materials for all other businesses.


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