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Action to protect forests and combat deforestation being implemented

Action to protect forests and combat deforestation being implemented

The country is actively addressing the critical issue of deforestation through a range of comprehensive measures, including forest protection, tree planting programmes, and wildfire management, to safeguard its valuable forests and maintain ecological balance, an official said this week.

Speaking at a conference in Windhoek, the Minister of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism, Pohamba Shifeta emphasized the vital role that trees and forests play in providing essential ecosystem services and supporting economic benefits such as timber production, while also contributing to job creation in wood-based industries.

“The conference is consolidating the next steps toward the future of our forests. Forest-based actions will further advance the implementation of Namibia’s Nationally Determined Contribution, an ambitious roadmap to combat climate change through adaptation and mitigation programs,” he stated.

Shifeta highlighted that well-managed forests offer nature-friendly solutions to many global challenges, including climate change, land degradation, and biodiversity loss.

According to Shifeta, the constitution directs the Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism to champion biodiversity conservation and sustainable resource utilization, with sustainability being a central tenet in policy, business, and society at large.

Shifeta also announced that his ministry has initiated research on the use of native tree species to make tree seedlings available to community members for planting.

In preparation for Arbor Day next month, Shifeta encouraged Namibians to actively participate by planting trees, caring for existing ones, learning about different tree species, volunteering during tree planting events, and supporting tree planting organizations. (Xinhua)


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