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Prime Minister’s Drought Relief Programme has N$600 million shortfall

Prime Minister’s Drought Relief Programme has N$600 million shortfall

By Adolf Kaure.

The Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila said that the National Emergency Disaster Fund has a shortfall of N$600 million to implement the Drought Relief Programme during a press briefing on Friday in Swakopmund.

The briefing was attended by Erongo Governor, Neville André, as well as mayors and regional councillors from several towns and constituencies of the Erongo Region.

“We need about N$800 million to implement the drought relief programme and we only have N$200 million in the disaster risk fund. So we will need to find N$600 million [in] the mid-year budget review because the programme will run until June 2024,” she said.

According to the Prime Minister, the programme which initially targetted three regions will be rolled out to all areas of Namibia.

“Climate change is with us and Namibia is one of the most affected. So, this year we would have to embark on drought relief programmes throughout the country.”

“Last year, we had to focus on three regions only because these were demanding for the government to intervene. This includes the Kunene Region, which has been experiencing drought for seven consecutive years, as well as parts of the Erongo and Omusati regions.”

“This year, we would have to implement this programme throughout the country because most of the communities around the country could not have a harvest at all.”

“Some only had a small harvest because of inadequate rainfall, but interestingly some lost their harvest and could not plant because of flooding,” said Kuugongelwa-Amadhila.

She called on regional offices and local authorities to provide their cooperation so that the food is managed and distributed effectively.

“We would need to ensure that we identify those that are needy so that we focus our support to those that need it the most.”

“We would also need to work hard to ensure that we don’t have duplications of the same person benefitting from all the programmes because when that happens it means that we cannot optimise our support to those that need it.”

“Our cooperation would also need to ensure that the beneficiaries are identified in time, that we work together to ensure that the logistical arrangements are in place for us to start as soon as possible to distribute this drought relief.”

“So we are expecting that the regions through their local committees will be working together by putting their political differences aside and look at serving our people the best way we can,” said the Prime Minister.

The Drought Relief Programme is expected to be implemented by the Office of the Prime Minister starting 01 October this year and running until June next year.

The Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila gives an update on the Drought Relief Programme in Swakopmund. (Photograph by Adolf Kaure)


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