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BeFree Youth opens youth campus in Katutura

BeFree Youth opens youth campus in Katutura

The BeFree Youth Campus in Katutura was officially opened by the One Economy Foundation on 1 September.

One Economy Foundation, Chief Executive, Uajo Akwenye praised the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service for the support and exceptional partnership in making the campus a reality.

“The campus is an answer to what young people need most, a safe space for expression and multidisciplinary services,” she said.

Founder of Una Stuurman Architects, Una Stuurman said the centre has been specially designed and many Namibians have worked on the project and will continue to do so. “Even though we faced challenges, our achievements paved a new way to freedom from violence, poverty, and poor education,” she added.

Youth Activities Rivaldo Kavango said the centre is a manifestation of what happens when dialogues with young people are priorities. “The best aspect of the campus is its location, strategically placed as a beacon of hope that will impact those who have had the least access to service and information,” he said.

The First Lady of Namibia, Monica Geingos said the campus will address issues that young people face, especially taboo topics like sex. “Our work is not to replace parents, we will offer training to partner on children’s development, parents and pastors are welcome,” she added. She further said there is an opportunity for everyone to do something and contribute to the continued growth of the BeFreeYouthCampus. “Our biggest lesson is that we are not the gatekeepers of knowledge and solutions, we can teach one another as we go along,” she said.

Geingoes officially handed over the building to the Ministry of Youth, with whom the One Economy Foundation has an existential lease agreement for 30 years.

The Minister of Youth, Hon Agnes Tjongarero said the launch is a beacon of hope and a sanctuary of opportunity. “The campus is a representation of hard work and what the FLON office has done for Namibian youth will forever be cherished,” she concluded.


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