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Womentum climaxes with empowerment breakfast at Droombos on Saturday

Womentum climaxes with empowerment breakfast at Droombos on Saturday

Two high altitude woman achievers will join forces this coming Saturday at Droombos outside Windhoek for the much anticipated Womentum breakfast organised by Momentum.

A Namibian, Laimi Elago and a South African, Saray Khumalo will lead the charge to conclude this season’s women empowerment which is the powerful campaign conducted by long-term insurer, Momentum ander the ingenious Womentum label.

As the only Namibian in a group of 21 women sponsored by Momentum, she recently triumphed over Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Saray, on the other hand, is the first black African woman to scale Mount Everest.

The two mountaineers will share their experiences at the breakfast as part of a high-level line-up of woman achievers. The Womentum breakfast promises a Saturday morning packed with inspiration, empowerment, and a touch of luxury.

The Womentum event showcases a panel of accomplished South African and Namibian speakers. In addition to Laimi and Saray, the speakers also include Estelle Tjipuka, Ronel de Beer, Carina Bruwer, Stacey Susa-Pinto, and Desere Muller.

Tickets for this unmissable event are on sale on at N$500 per ticket, inclusive of a sumptuous breakfast.

“The Womentum event is not just another gathering; it’s a uniquely designed experience that aligns deeply with the empowering and transformational messages championed by remarkable women like Saray Khumalo and Laimi Elago. Our goal is to create an environment where every attendee leaves feeling inspired to conquer their own personal mountains,” said Denille Roostee, Group Executive of Marketing at Momentum Metropolitan Group.

Laimi Elago’s Kilimanjaro journey was more than just another ascent; it served as an audacious statement of what women are capable of when they aspire to great heights. Laimi documented her extraordinary expedition in her podcast, “Laimi’s Kilimanjaro Diaries,” providing an exhaustive account of both the tribulations and triumphs that come with conquering personal challenges.

Saray Khumalo’s exploits extend beyond individual achievements; they align with her broader mission of raising funds for the education of African children.

Members of the Momentum team stand united with Laimi Elago (Centre Front) celebrating her recent triumph over Mount Kilimanjaro.


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