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Connected Wealth: A journey to Gender Equality

Connected Wealth: A journey to Gender Equality

By Cornell Meeks. *

March 2023 carried a special significance as the month in which both International Women’s Day and Namibia’s Independence Day were observed. This year, we had the opportunity to reflect on the collective efforts of women creating wealth and explore how intentional spending and investing tend to shape the future. As a female executive in the banking industry, I am proud to share how our bank’s Connected Wealth philosophy empowers women and promotes gender equality at the core of everything we do.

The world has made great strides in acknowledging the crucial role that women play in society. For instance, International Women’s Day, observed on 08 March, celebrated the social, economic, cultural, and political accomplishments of women while calling attention to continuing gender disparities.

Dozens of emerging economies have shown that when money is put into the hands of women and those women have the ability to determine when and how to spend it, their lives and the lives of their families improve. If women participated in the economy at the same level as men, the global economy would expand by an estimated US$28 trillion by 2025, according to one study. If the world can unlock this potential for three billion women and girls, imagine how we will begin to eradicate some of the most tenacious causes of poverty.

Connected Wealth is the concept that each financial decision is inextricably related to other facets of your life through invisible threads. Your financial decisions reflect and reveal your goals, needs, dreams, fears, attitudes, and community roles. By recognising this interdependence, we can appreciate the effectiveness of deliberate spending and investment in advancing equality.

For women, these decisions have historically been influenced by gender gaps in income, wealth, and opportunities. By choosing to spend or invest intentionally, women can now impact their future and contribute to the broader cause of gender equality.

The Influence of Conscious Investment and Spending:

Spending and investing with intent has the power to influence not only individual lives, but also society as a whole. Women may have a direct impact on the areas they care about by supporting women-owned businesses, funding female education, and making socially responsible investments. By aligning their financial decisions with their personal values and objectives, women are able to leave a lasting legacy.

As a connected wealth brand, Nedbank is devoted to empowering women with individualised financial solutions. We assist our clients to confidently navigate the world of money by providing personalised advice and resources. Through our Connected Wealth philosophy, we celebrate the collective efforts of women and their contributions to economic growth and gender equality.

Accelerating Equality through Connected Wealth:

The journey towards gender equality is a collective effort, and we all play a role in accelerating the pace of progress. Our bank supports the global appeal to #AccelerateEquality, which seeks to reduce the gender gap and empower women and girls. By releasing their economic potential, we facilitate a transformational transition that benefits all parties.

Earlier this year we celebrated the 33rd anniversary of Namibia’s independence; let’s embrace the promise of Connected Wealth and its role in empowering women. As fellow Namibians, we must recognise the potential of collective action to create a legacy that transcends individual circumstances.

Let us accelerate equality, empower women, and transform our world through intentional financial decisions.

* Cornell Meeks is the Head of Private Wealth Management at Nedbank Namibia. Cornell’s experience and skills have seen her work in various senior positions in the banking and wealth management sector for over 20 years. She has a proven track record in successfully starting up new business units and has a keen eye for detail when it comes to analysing deals and structuring credit. Her people orientated nature ensures that he is able to manage teams effectively while maintaining positive customer relationships.


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