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Swakop mayor challenges youth to seek help for mental health issues

Swakop mayor challenges youth to seek help for mental health issues

By Adolf Kaure.

The Mayor of Swakopmund, Her Worship Dina Namubes, views peer to peer education as crucial to ensure that mental health issues at schools are resolved before turning into crises.

Speaking at a recent Swakopmund Junior Town Council’s mental health seminar, the mayor urged young people seek help when they are faced with mental health dilemmas.

“I want to urge you as young people to take ownership of your lives. Your future is golden, and we can only attain it if we work hard, and we are focused on positive things. Seek help and do not suffer in silence. The choice rests upon us to make a deliberate decision to break the walls of mental health issues,” she said.

She added that peer to peer education is vital since young people are prone to peer pressure.

“Avoid judging and name calling as this also has contributing factors leading to mental health breakdown as people do not speak out as a result of the fear of judgement.”

“Change the dynamics and engage in positive and uplifting peer to peer learning styles. There is so much help there and yet we choose to resort to harmful practices,” said Namubes.

She further urged the learners to abide the legal framework of the country in all practices.

“The constitution forms the basic structure of any government and lays down all the legal and cultural aspects under which we are governed. What is also important is basic ethics and morale education. Let us build our nation as collective citizens and break the walls of negativity.”

“I am positive that the skills that you have learnt during your time on the Junior Town Council will assist you in your daily lives and in the future as well.”

“Our main aim is that you become confident and positive citizens and that you are able to have different personality traits that are useful for anyone to learn and practice over time. Do not take this that you have learnt lightly and please practice this in your everyday life,” she said.

The mayor concluded by appealing to the community to collaborate with the town council to ensure that Swakopmund a remains the best and safe town.


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