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MVA Road safety initiative progresses to the Hardap Region

MVA Road safety initiative progresses to the Hardap Region

The Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Fund is now in the Hardap Region with its road safety initiative, which aims to take road safety to the people and further instill the value of road safety awareness.

The Fund this week said whilst in the region they will be focusing on pedestrian, passenger, and tyre safety.

“Through these interventions, we interact with school learners to ensure they have a safe journey to and from school and that they know how to use the road safely. In addition, we also visited bus terminals and loading zones where we conducted passenger safety initiatives,” they added.

The Fund said that this allows them to interact directly with passenger and public transport drivers and educate them on general road safety, vehicle roadworthiness, and tire safety among others.

“The programme is one of our many avenues in reiterating the critical significance of road safety awareness as a fundamental element in their collective efforts to reduce road traffic crashes and their devastating impact on the victims and their families,” the Fund added.

Meanwhile, the aim of fostering safer road user behaviour and protecting lives underscores the need for continuous vigilance, education, and engagement on matters of road safety.

“Our programme targets school learners on road safety awareness and is multifaceted and dynamic. We invite everyone to join in this vital endeavour as we continue these engagements throughout the country, whether you are a parent, teacher, community leader, or concerned citizen,”.

The Fund is supported by the Regional Road Safety Forum, the Namibian Police Traffic Department, Local paramedics, and TrenTyre.


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