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IT equipment to enhance operational efficiency in data collection for people with disabilities

IT equipment to enhance operational efficiency in data collection for people with disabilities

The Organisations of Persons with Disabilities (OPDs) this week received IT equipment from the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), through its Sustainable Development Goals Initiative (SDGI).

A spokesperson from one of the OPDs said they are grateful for the IT device donations from the GIZ.

“This contribution will significantly enhance our operational efficiency and most importantly enable us to capture disaggregated data for people with disabilities,” they added.

The GIZ in a statement said the handing over of the IT equipment will facilitate data collection and mark the final activities of the GIZ Disability Data Collection Project.

“The Data Collection Project started in 2021 and will end in 2023 and the data gathered will make the OPDs vital hubs for collecting high-quality disability-related data to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities,” they added.

They further explained that an assessment conducted in 2022 by Green Enterprise Solutions and Disability Expert Consultant Eberhard Ripunda revealed critical gaps in IT infrastructure among the OPDS.

“This project is crucial, as accurate and up-to-date disability data is essential to inform policy making and effective advocacy and OPDs play a pivotal role in both domains,” they emphasised.

GIZ partnered with OPDs to bridge these gaps and bolster their data collection capabilities.

“The IT equipment donation includes desktop computers, monitors, and tablets, designed to enable effective data digitization, storage, and advocacy,” they said.

A technical advisor from GIZ, Rachel Shiweda highlighted the transformative potential of the collected data.

“The data being collected can be used by our policymakers for better policies and also by OPDs to advocate better for their needs and services for their members,” she affirmed.


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