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Healthcare professions get ‘end of life care’ training

Healthcare professions get ‘end of life care’ training

Effective communication with patients and their families, pain management, understanding, and engaging with the interdisciplinary patient care team, were topics covered at a training session on ‘end of life spiritual and emotional care’ hosted last a week.

Hosted on 10 August by the Cancer Association of Namibia (CAN) in collaboration with the Soul Carers Network of South Africa, the session was part of the Palliative Care Namibia programme

CAN Chief Executive Rolf Hansen said over 55 participants, including doctors, nurses, social workers, and community patient caregivers attended the training?

“The training also emphasised the importance of honouring the voice of the patient, supporting pain management, and addressing ethical aspects of pre-grieving and the ‘death doula’ journey,” he added.

He explained that the Soul Carers Network of South Africa is an organisation that focuses on providing spiritual and emotional care to individuals facing the end of life.

“They offer training and resources to healthcare professionals and support programs for patients and their families,” he said.

Hansen said they are grateful for the support and partnership of the Soul Carers Network of South Africa, as their expertise and resources will empower their patient care workers to provide enhanced care.

“For more information about the Palliative Care Namibia program or future training sessions, please contact me at [email protected],” concluded Hansen.


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