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Powerful survivor testimony illustrates need for dread disease cover

Powerful survivor testimony illustrates need for dread disease cover

A very large number of so-called dread diseases are now covered by Sanlam’s new and enhanced product that specifically covers the impact of unforeseen illness. This week the insurer announced it has launched two upgraded products for a range of up to 300 severe diseases.

Sanlam’s Comprehensive and Comprehensive Plus Dread Disease products help clients to be financially prepared in the face of unexpected illness. The cover includes dread diseases, impairments, injuries and infections

“The upgraded Comprehensive and Comprehensive Plus Dread Disease Cover is a testament to Sanlam’s dedication to providing comprehensive and adaptable solutions to its clients. This offering is strategically designed to empower individuals and clients to focus on their health and recovery, and provide them with a robust financial safety net against the unforeseen costs frequently connected to serious diseases.”

The recently added benefits include a broad range of assistance, including travel costs to treatment centres, lodging costs, lifestyle changes, and other important issues.

At the launch attended by brokers and financial advisers, cancer survivor André Fourie, a beneficiary of the previous Dread Disease Benefit shared his powerful testimony. His dread disease insurance not only covered his expenses but paid out 100%, offering him the financial support he needed during his recovery. “I would like to thank Sanlam for the wonderful health insurance package, as well as the medical doctors, staff, friends and family for being there for me during the difficult journey,” he said.

“Disability has the financial impact of taking away your income and future revenues. But dread disease is even worse as it has the ability to take away not only your income and future revenues, but also your savings.”

“We recognise that a serious illness can be a difficult and stressful time for individuals and their families, therefore the undeniable need for Comprehensive and Comprehensive Plus Dread Disease cover,” said Wendy Naruses, Sanlam’s Marketing and Communications Manager: Distribution.

“Our Comprehensive and Comprehensive Plus Dread Disease cover, is designed to provide financial support and peace of mind during the most challenging times. We are committed to helping our clients focus on their health and recovery while we take care of the financial burden,” she said.


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