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Cardiff University awards Prof Katjavivi an honorary fellowship

Cardiff University awards Prof Katjavivi an honorary fellowship

The Speaker of the National Assembly, Prof Peter Katjavivi, has been awarded an honorary fellowship by Cardiff University in Wales in recognition of his contribution to politics, education, and society.

The award was presented at a ceremony held this week on Monday, where Prof Rudolf Allemann, Pro Vice-Chancellor, International and Student Recruitment at Cardiff University, elucidated Prof Katjavivi’s commitment to social justice and higher education.

Cardiff University, globally acclaimed for its focus on inclusivity and excellence in higher education, confers these special honours each year to a select few individuals whose significant achievements and contributions have made a “lasting” impact on society.

Prof Allemann said Prof Katjavivi has devoted his life to the cause of social justice. “From building international support for Namibia’s liberation struggle to transforming a previously segregated academic institution into a national university accessible to all Namibians, his tireless efforts have had an indelible impact.”

Meanwhile, Prof Katjavivi has held a variety of positions throughout his career, from Ambassador in Belgium and Germany, and Director General of the National Planning Commission, to MP, Government Chief Whip, and at present, Speaker of the National Assembly and Vice President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Task Force on the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

In his acceptance speech, Prof Katjavivi shed light on the impactful partnership between the University of Namibia and Cardiff University that began in the 1990s. “This collaboration has resulted in significant benefits for Namibia’s developmental agenda and has led to crucial academic programmmes and research efforts between Namibia and the United Kingdom.”

Speaking on the world stage, Prof Katjavivi emphasized the significance of strengthening ties between the Senedd (the Welsh Parliament) and the Namibian Parliament, particularly in light of “complex global challenges” such as climate change.

“As we face complex global challenges like climate change and strive for zero emissions, our cooperation will be crucial. I am thrilled to use this honour to further our combined efforts and continue our work for a sustainable and inclusive world,” he said.

Prof Katjavivi dedicated his accolade to his wife, the late Jane Katjavivi, who accepted Namibia as her own after being born in the United Kingdom. “I dedicate this prestigious honour to my late wife, a pillar of unwavering support in my journey. Our work on nation-building was a shared passion,” he remarked.



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