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Unique national bar code system launched

Unique national bar code system launched

The first-ever National Bar Code System, a product identification code enabling the country to establish a unique identity for its products and services on the international market was launched this week in Windhoek.

A barcode is a visual pattern of black lines and white spaces on a product that encodes information, readable by barcode scanners. It allows production systems and retail points of sale to understand the details.

Deputy Minister of Industrialization and Trade, Verna Sinimbo, said the development represents far more than a mere code; it serves as a beacon of unity, progress, and pride for the people of Namibia.

“The launch of the GS1 or the National Bar Code system is a testament to our journey as a nation and embodies our collective resolve to make our mark as a country on the global stage. For many years, Namibia has been utilizing the South African Bar Code, a period that deprived Namibia of its own unique identity. During such an era, Namibian-originated products were considered South African in the international market,” she said.

Since gaining independence, Namibia has continually strived to embrace its shared African heritage while seeking an identifier that truly reflects its individuality, Sinimbo said, adding that the 631 prefix emerges as the perfect embodiment of this endeavor, signifying a significant step forward in the country’s economic resilience and growth from a young nation to an influential player in the international trade arena.

“The 631 prefix is a recognition of every Namibian entrepreneur, manufacturer, and innovator who has dared to dream, dared to break boundaries, and dared to carry our nation forward on the world global stage,” she said.

Sinimbo praised the launch of the bar code system as a recognition of the daring spirit of Namibian entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and innovators who have played a pivotal role in propelling the nation forward on the global stage.

With the introduction of the 631 prefix, Namibia looks forward to sharing its story with the world, she said, adding that each product bearing the prefix will serve as a unique representation of Namibia’s land, culture, and people.


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