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National Symbols campaign spreads to Omaheke Region

National Symbols campaign spreads to Omaheke Region

The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) launched the National Symbols Campaign in the Omaheke region this week as part of the Nationhood and National Pride programme to enhance, promote, and educate the public on the appropriate use of national symbols and established standards during the singing of the National Anthem and hoisting of the National Flag.

The Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Hon Dr Peya Mushelenga, remarked that this endeavor greatly helps the promotion of our national identity, patriotism, and pride among Namibians.

“National symbols are the embodiment of national unity and patriotism. They foster national pride, a sense of citizenship, duty, and obligation and inculcate sentimental values to nationhood among citizens. People attach emotions to these symbols and embrace national identification. In their publication titled What do national flags stand for? An exploration of associations across 11 countries, respective German, American, and Canadian academics, namely Julia C. Becker, David A. Butz, and Steven C. Wright, explain how different circumstances and sentiments are associated with flags, like sports, power-related feelings, obedience, patriotism, and egalitarianism. National symbols, therefore, help to bind people of nations, ” Mushelenga noted.

Meanwhile, the minister explained that to ensure that this campaign reaches the entire country, the Ministry of ICT, in collaboration with various stakeholders, has decided to hold regional launches as a sign of handing over regional responsibility to educate our citizens on the proper use of national symbols.

In addition, the Erongo region launched the inaugural National Symbols campaign last month.

Moreover, the Ministry of ICT intends to promote and educate citizens from all walks of life, particularly young people, on the significance of national symbols, according to Mushelenga. We believe this will foster a greater sense of national pride and help to strengthen our national identity as Namibians, he added.

“National anthems are not ordinary songs. They represent nationhood. They remind citizens of the glory of their nation, the beauty of their land and its vegetation, and the importance of self-acknowledgment. Therefore, when we sing the national anthem, we should do so with utmost reverence to give true meanings to the words therein. There is no compromise on strict observance of universal standards and norms associated with the singing of national anthems.”

“I would like to urge all Namibians to embrace this campaign and to treat our national symbols in a manner that shows respect and honour. Let us all collaborate to promote unity, patriotism, and national pride. Let us demonstrate that we are proud to be Namibians and will always stand together, united in our love for our country,” he concluded.


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