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Least-Cost Energy Study to be launched

Least-Cost Energy Study to be launched

International Rivers, an organisation that protects rivers, will be launching the Least-Cost Energy Investment Study for Namibia, on 18 July from 10:00 to 12:00 at the Safari Court Hotel Conference Centre.

Highlighting what the launch is about the organisation said the Least-Cost Energy Study provides a least-cost energy investment pathway for Namibia until 2040, alongside a comparative analysis of the proposed Baynes hydropower project and least-cost solar and wind alternatives.

“The analysis covers both techno-economic factors, providing multiple assessments that consider costs, social and environmental impacts, and risk as well as the forward-looking climate for different energy technologies,” they added.

They further explained that Namibia is at a crucial point in the development of its energy system and must make difficult decisions over the coming years to increase energy supply while managing costs and negative impacts.

“Therefore it must be decided whether to continue to rely heavily on hydropower or to develop a more innovative and diversified approach that makes use of abundant renewable resources,” the organisation added.

Speakers who will feature include Karipetua Uarije from the Epupa Conservancy in Namibia, Conrad Roedern from Solar Age Namibia, Siziwe Mota from International Rivers, South Africa, and Justin Muhl from TMP Public, South Africa.


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