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Carlos Kambaekwa honoured with Legends Award by NFA

Carlos Kambaekwa honoured with Legends Award by NFA

By Adolf Kaure.

Veteran sports journalist and former football player, Carlos Kambaekwa, was honoured with a Legends Award by the Namibia Football Association (NFA) during the opening of the NFA C -License Coaching Course of the Southern Stream First Division (SSFD) which took place on Monday 10 July at the Football House in Windhoek.

NFA interim General Secretary, Jochen Traut presented Kambaekwa with the accolade, leading to a surprise response by the latter saying that he never considered himself a candidate for this exemplary award from the NFA.

“I was simply invited to attend the opening ceremony of the NFA C – License Coaching Course of the Southern Stream First Division at the Football House, not having any idea what the programme was all about,” he said.

“When I was introduced and called to receive this award, I was completely flabbergasted by the honour and recognition the NFA bestowed upon me. I stepped forward to receive the NFA Legend Award with great humility,” Kambaekwa said.

Traut commended Kambaekwa for his great work as sport journalist over the years.

“We all did not necessarily like what Carlos wrote, especially not in his collumn, but this is fortunatley or unfortunately why journalists do the work they do.”

Traut also expressed his gratitude to Namibian sports journalists for their commitment in producing exceptional journalism which is also appreciated by an international audience.


At the same event C-License Coaching Course, Murs Markus, Chairman of the SSFD commended the NFA for conducting the course, especially during the off-season when the preparations for the start of the 2023/2024 football season are in full swing.

“Rest assured, no coach will sit on the touch-line of the Southern Stream First Division come the new football season, if the coach is not accredited with the discipline in football and “we took a strategic decision to transform the Southern Stream First Division to be the best league in Namibian football,” said Markus.

The course consists of 42 participants and the NFA C-License Coashing Course enables them to be eligible to coach first disivion clubs nationwide.

The NFA will also conduct its C-License Coaching Course nationwide for first division clubs.

The two-week NFA C-Licinse Coaching Course for the SSFD concludes on 21 July.

Carlos Kambaekwa (right) receives his Legends Award from NFA interim General Secratary, Jochen Traut. (Photograph courtesy of the NFA)


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