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Shaama appointed new Chief Electoral and Referenda Officer

Shaama appointed new Chief Electoral and Referenda Officer

The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) has appointed Petrus Shaama as the new Chief Electoral and Referenda Officer effective from 1 September.

The Commission congratulated Shaama on his new appointment, wishing him the best in his new role as he ascends to the reigns of steering the Secretariat of the ECN.

“With his extensive experience in electoral management and sound leadership, we are confident that under his guidance the electoral commission will continue to play a pivotal role in promoting democratic values, ensuring electoral integrity, and fostering public trust in the electoral process,” the Commission said.

The Commission said that Shaama is appointed for five years, in terms of the Electoral Act 5, of 2014, Section 17.

“The appointment comes after an extensive recruitment process carried out, in which Shaama proved to be the best qualified and most suitable candidate,” they added.

Currently, Shaama serves as Director of Operations at ECN and he has over 10 years of experience in electoral management and 25 years in public administration where he served in various portfolios.

Shaama holds a Master’s Degree in Electoral Policy and Administration, a Bachelor of Business Administration Honours Degree, a Bachelor of Technology Degree in Human Resources Management, and a National Diploma in Human Resources Management.

“We look forward to witnessing his exceptional leadership and contribution towards an effective and efficient electoral management system in Namibia,” the electoral commission concluded.


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