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Local tech startup, Dololo named best accelerator/incubator at Southern Africa Startup awards

Local tech startup, Dololo named best accelerator/incubator at Southern Africa Startup awards

Local SME promoter, Dololo was named the best accelerator / incubator in this year’s Southern Africa Startup awards held in Johannesburg last week.

Dololo guides larger organisations in strategies to connect to the upcoming millennial generation, both internally as employees and externally as customers. Dololo shared the stage with 18 other category winners.

The 19 category winners will go through to the Global Startup awards to represent Africa as a budding hub of tech innovation. The winners were selected from 346 regional finalists from 12 African countries.

As usual, South African startups dominated the awards taking no less than 11 of the finalist positions. Mauritian startups took two of the top spots while other countries who managed one spot each are Angola, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zambia and Mozambique.

Mckevin Ayaba, the Chief Executive of Setup A Startup – the umbrella company of the Southern Africa Startup Awards, said: “The purpose of the Southern Africa Startup Awards is regional connectivity and global visibility. It’s about celebrating Africa and putting African startups, the people behind them, and the organisations that work alongside these visionaries on the map.”

The Southern Africa Startup awards are a circuit of the Global Startup awards, the world’s largest independent startup ecosystem covering more than 63 countries in seven regions.

Since the competition began in the Nordic countries in 2012, the Awards have grown to include South East Asia, Central Europe, South Asia, Euro Asia, southern Europe and southern Africa. The Global Winners will be announced next Friday, 13 December 2019 at the Global Grand Finale in China.

Namibians can vote for Dololo at


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