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First National assumes chair at Banker’s Association

First National assumes chair at Banker’s Association

First National Bank Namibia’s Chief Executive, Mr Erwin Tjipuka, has taken the reigns at the Bankers’ Association of Namibia from the outgoing chair, Bank Windhoek’s Chief Executive, Ms Baronice Hans.

The chairmanship is rotated annually among the chief executives of the four large commercial banks.

Passing the baton, Hans said customer centricity was fundamental to all decisions taken during her leadership.

Milestones included the finalisation of the BAN strategy, which solidifies the association’s vision and mandate in the Namibian economy through Advocacy, Market Conduct, and Corporate Social Responsibility; the implementation of various regulatory projects aligned with industry requirements; as well as the contribution of N$600,000 to the Bank of Namibia for the population census and an additional N$200,000 to the investment board to improve the legal framework for foreign investment.

Tjipuka applauded Hans saying “Banks serve as the lifeblood of any economy, facilitating economic growth, and driving progress. We are the guardians of financial stability and intermediaries of capital allocation. The decisions we make and the actions we take have a profound impact on individuals, businesses, and the entire nation.”

“We must remain committed to the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and accountability. We must proactively contribute to inclusive growth, empower underserved communities, and support initiatives that promote financial literacy and entrepreneurship. By embracing our role as responsible corporate citizens, we can make a lasting positive impact on the lives of Namibians,” he said.

Bank of Namibia Deputy Governor, Ms Leonie Dunn welcomed the new chairman saying “Mr. Tjipuka, you are today taking over the reigns as BAN President in an environment where the banking industry is actively challenged to do more to ensure the growth of the Namibian economy.”

At the same ceremony, the BAN Chief Executive, Mr Brian launched the Code of Banking Practice to promote sound banking practices by setting minimum standards for banks when dealing with customers to ensure the public’s trust in the reliability of the banking system.

From the left, Bankers Association of Namibia Chief Executive, Brian Katjaerua, Bank of Namibia Deputy Governor, Leonie Dunn, Bank Windhoek Managing Director, Baronice Hans and FNB Namibia Chief Executive, Erwin Tjipuka.


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