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Annual women in media conference empowers voices for gender equality

Annual women in media conference empowers voices for gender equality

The third annual Nedbank Women in Media conference, held in Windhoek last Saturday, was hailed as a resounding success, bringing together an inspiring cohort of media professionals united by a shared cause.

The conference served as a platform for women in the industry to exchange ideas and collaborate, while highlighting the crucial role they play in advocating for women’s rights and gender equality.

Nedbank Namibia Marketing, Brand, and Sponsorship Manager, Helene Meintjes, encapsulated the spirit of the event, remarking, “As women in media, our role extends beyond our professional capacity. We are the voices for the vulnerable women in our communities, bearing the responsibility of advocating for those who cannot do so themselves.”

A significant focus of the conference was to question why women’s voices often go unheard in mainstream media. Jemima Beukes, the co-founder of ‘Women in Media’, emphasized the need for representation, stating, “We cannot create an equitable world if women are not represented.”

The event attracted professionals across various media spheres, from seasoned journalists and lawmakers to corporate communication experts, all lending their voices to the crucial cause of gender equality. Conference regular Rosalia Amupolo noted, “Every time we attend this event, we leave feeling inspired, motivated, and uplifted.”

The conference featured panel discussions and interactive sessions, providing a platform for participants to share experiences and insights. Topics spanned from the challenges of discrimination and gender bias to the limited career opportunities often faced by women in the industry.

This year, the conference’s theme was inspired by World Press Freedom Day, emphasizing the empowerment of women to promote human and women’s rights. Although Namibia is often hailed as a beacon of press freedom in Africa, the event underscored the urgent need for a shift towards greater gender equity within the media industry.

Keynote speaker Emilia Nghikembua, Chief Executive of the Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia, shared her personal journey, discussing the challenges she overcame to become a CEO at 34. Nghikembua encouraged women in media to seize opportunities and challenge limitations to break through the glass ceiling.

“Women in Media’ founder Limba Mupetami stressed the importance of continuous learning in the field and the value of mentorship. “Anyone entering the field needs to be open to learning. Even seasoned professionals don’t know everything,” said Mupetami.

Beyond the immediate impact of the conference, the event’s success underscored the growing momentum behind the Nedbank Women in Media movement. Entities committed to gender equality and women’s empowerment, including Nedbank Namibia, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, the European Union, Coca-Cola, Gondwana Collection, Sugar King, Pupkewitz Motors, Namibia Wildlife Resort, and Multi-choice Namibia, supported the event.

The Nedbank Women in Media conference not only celebrated the progress made but also underscored the work still required to ensure true gender equity in the media. With the success of this year’s conference, we continue to pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable media landscape.

Nedbank Women in Media Conference organisers, Limba Mupetami (left), Jemima Beukes (right), with Keynote Speaker and Communication Regulatory Authority of Namibia, Chief Executive, Emilia Nghikembua (middle)



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