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Megan Pritchard steps into governance role at Ogilvy

Megan Pritchard steps into governance role at Ogilvy

Ogilvy Namibia, a leading local advertising agency with a very long history, has just announced that their Chief Operations Director, has moved closer to the fire by joining the company’s board as a director.

The new director, Megan Pritchard, is no stranger to the spin world having started right at the bottom as an intern eight years ago. Her natural ability rapidly propelled her up the corporate ladder, at the same time not neglecting the creative side of advertising.

From intern, she moved on to Account Executive, Brand Manager, Business Unit Manager, and then to Chief Operations Director. With a keen understanding of all the elements of an advertising agency, it was but a small step to join the governance circle.

Her boss, friend and colleague, the Ogilvy Managing Director, Rozanne van der Merwe said “She has a proven track record of driving excellence with every project and campaign she works on. She is a master at servicing clients and advertising accounts and takes the business’ operations to the highest level.”

“Congratulations Megan, on behalf of your fellow Board of Directors at the agency, on becoming the newest shareholder in Ogilvy Namibia! We look forward to joining you on your journey, to take our client brands to immortality,” she said.

Apart from her new board responsibilities, Megan continues as the Chief Operations Director.


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