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Second phase of food waste challenge launched

Second phase of food waste challenge launched

The second phase of Capricorn Foundation’s Food Waste Challenge (FWC) was launched on Wednesday in Windhoek.

This year’s FWC seeks solutions that can create or expand self-sufficient Social Enterprises (businesses) to address the issue of food waste in Namibia and create employment for Namibians.

The title of the Challenge is: “How can we use Social Entrepreneurship to reduce Food Waste radically while creating employment opportunities?”

In 2022 Namibia was ranked 78th out of 116 countries on the Global Hunger Index. Unfortunately, it has become an all-familiar sight in Namibia to see people scavenge for food at dumpsites across the country or begging for food on street corners.

Through their open innovation platform, the Capricorn Foundation launched the first Challenge in 2022 to seek solutions to reduce food waste effectively through which disregarded food that is still fit for human consumption can reach more vulnerable people. Phase 2 of the Challenge will focus on how Social Entrepreneurship can contribute to not only addressing the challenge of food waste but also how employment opportunities can be created in the process.

“As Connectors of Positive Change, we aim to uplift communities and form strategic partnerships with organisations to make a sustainable impact. The Capricorn Foundation proudly presents this year’s Food Waste Challenge in collaboration with our official media partner Synergy Marketing, the Gondwana Care Trust, and Business Box Windhoek.

This year, social entrepreneurs can explore business opportunities within the value chain of food production, food processing, or food distribution that can positively impact communities and, in doing so, address the problem of food waste whilst being a catalyst for job creation,” said Marlize Horn, Executive Officer of the Capricorn Foundation.

By combining social entrepreneurship with the social issue of food waste, the Capricorn Foundation seeks to construct a multiplier effect of creating employment and relieving hunger in Namibia. Through the Food Waste Challenge, the Capricorn Foundation aligns with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and the Harambee Prosperity Plan II (HPPII). The Food Waste Challenge, with a focus on Social Entrepreneurship, addresses SDG 2 – Zero Hunger and SDG 1 – No Poverty.

The FWC is based on an open innovation platform, offering a cash prize of N$100,000 from the Capricorn Foundation plus a branding refresh and a marketing package from Synergi Marketing PTY Ltd worth N$50,000. Other project partners include Business Box Windhoek and the Gondwana Care Trust. Proposals can be submitted on by 22 May.

Proposals must address hunger through the reduction of food waste and create sustainable employment opportunities.

“Sharing information to empower our communities, Synergi Marketing believes that through our network, we will connect Namibians and international stakeholders to collaborate and take responsibility for food insecurity solutions and job creation in Namibia. We want to motivate and challenge other media institutions and stakeholders to take up this challenge and be the vehicle for positive change in Namibia. We congratulate the Capricorn Foundation on this remarkable initiative and are committed to telling the stories in whatever form, shape, or size,” said Hennie Geldenhuys, Chief Marketing Officer of Synergi Marketing.

From left, Rikus Grobler, Capricorn Group Innovation Manager and Capricorn Foundation Food Waste Challenge Project Coordinator, Marlize Horn, Group Executive: Brand Corporate Affairs and Capricorn Foundation Executive Director and Hennie Geldenhuys, Namibia Media Holdings Chief Marketing Officer.


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