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Kavango West community not happy about illegal fencing of communal land

Kavango West community not happy about illegal fencing of communal land

The Mankumpi community in the Kavango West Region raised concerns over increased cases of illegal fencing of land in communal areas, during a visitation programme at the Katjinakatji Secondary School by their Councillors.

Kavango West Regional Council is conducting a series of meetings in the region to bring services closer to the people and to ensure the views of the community members appear in the operation of the Council.

The Council said some of the concerns include a request for an effective guiding tool in handling the issue of illegal fencing which may disturb the peace in communities and eventually be a difficult issue to handle if not addressed as a matter of urgency.

The Council advised the community to establish strong working relations with the Namibian Police to detect cases of illegal fencing sooner before the land has been fenced off and the damage done.

The community raised more concerns ranging from the slow issuing of national documentation, to the need for more projects for the youth, including the need for improved health services, the issue of network coverage, and the need to increase public awareness of the council’s activities.

The community however praised the Council for having decided to have a fully-fledged hostel constructed at the school which is set to be complete by the beginning of the 2023 school calendar year.


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