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International ride-hailing service launches in Namibia

International ride-hailing service launches in Namibia

International service for ordering rides online, Yango on Tuesday announces its launch in Windhoek, making Namibia the eleventh African country where it is available.

Yango operates in many countries across Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, including Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon, Senegal, Zambia, Angola, Congo Brazzaville, DRC, Mozambique, and Algeria.

“We see great potential in the Namibian market as the country has a growing and diversified economy and there is a high demand for a modern ride-hailing service. As comfort, safety, and affordability are among our top priorities, Yango has developed our security features and technologies that allow both users and drivers to feel safe and at ease during every trip. We are convinced that people in Windhoek will appreciate the care and features we have added to our ride-hailing service,” – Adeniyi Adebayo, General Manager for Yango in Africa.

Yango mobile app for iOS and Android is available for free download in English and many other languages. To order a car, users download the app, open it and specify where they want to go. When geolocation is enabled, the service pinpoints where the user is and finds the nearby driver who will arrive the fastest. Yango is a cash-only service now, so when a user orders a car, they input their destination address and the app algorithms automatically calculate the price of the trip ahead of time.

If a user needs more information, has a question, or even forgets something in the car, he or she can contact a dedicated support team through the app. As a means of additional quality control, the Yango app allows users to rate each ride, and drivers with low ratings may be denied access to the service for some time.

Unlike other online services available, the Yango app uses its mapping, routing, navigation, and smart order distribution technologies. They can reduce the net cost of the ride and the time that transportation service providers’ (Yango’s partners) drivers spend looking for a customer. Yango’s efficient routing and similar technologies ensure the efficient use of drivers’ time while providing predictable and affordable service to riders.

Yango doesn’t operate its cars or drivers, but instead, facilitates local transportation providers, Yango Partners, to use its services. Along with the app’s launch, a dedicated center for Yango Partner drivers has been opened recently in Windhoek. These drivers can now learn how to work with the app, and go through training and tests.


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