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Zesty shelving for local products

Amid much fun at the fair, Team Namibia launched the 3rd annual Retail Merchandising Campaign in Ongwediva recently.
For the current campaign, Team Namibia has chosen large open shelves that will give preferential exposure to Namibian products in the ongoing battle for shelf space in local supermarkets. The Team sees an improved visual presence as the first step to reach more consumers.
“Our organization’s key focus areas are centered on increasing the consumption of local products and enlarging market share for domestic businesses, as we believe this is essential in achieving Namibia’s Growth at Home Strategy,” said Team Namibia’s Chief Executive Officer, Roberta da Costa.
“Instore branding makes it easier for shoppers to identify local products, creates a pleasant shopping experience and makes Namibian products distinctively appealing in comparison to other products on display” stated da Costa. Consumers looking for local products can visit participating retail outlets, Pick n Pay and Checkers countrywide to take part in the different activation and promotional events. The campaign ends at the end of October 2016.
Also currently in the works is an implementation strategy to “create a sustainable competitive advantage for Namibian products and services”. Team Namibia has placed a strategic focus on inspiring competitive standards, actively promoting local goods and services to create preference and purchase, and facilitating market access to stimulate SME growth and ultimately sustainable economic development.
In partnership with the Namibia Trade Forum, the campaign is also aligned to meet the goals of the Namibia Retail Charter which advocates for the support of domestic businesses in securing retail space to increase the visibility of local products through promotion, marketing and distribution.
Team Namibia Executive Board Chairperson Pieter Greeff, in earlier conversations said that the Team Namibia journey has created a preference for Namibian products and services since 2003 amplified by the latest N$5 million investment in Team Namibia members as well as other startups for business expansion.
The Retail Merchandising Campaign is a collective effort that requires the support of all stakeholders including the government who plays a fundamental role in policy formulation to enable producers to access domestic markets, retailers to provide space for Namibian products and consumers to actually buy those products.
Since the project initiation, domestic businesses have not only grown their revenues, but consumer demand for their products has risen, boosting the manufacturing sector and resulting in larger retail space for Namibian products in the process. A survey commission by Team Namibia in 2013 showed that consumer were largely influenced by advertising, especially in retail stores as consumers were prompted to purchase products they were visually exposed to.

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