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FNB cuts cost

FNB employee, Lelwine Haji at the Wernhil Parking bay with a customer who received free Parking space at Wernhil Park Shopping center during the FNB UEPO Promotions. FNB Namibia promoted their UEPO (unlimited electronic pricing option) to potential and existing customers on 27 January at various locations in the country.
Marketing manager of FNB, Madri Frewer said that the campaign is linked to FNB’s drive to reduce costs wherever they can. This pricing option, which is open to LifeStyle Banking clients using electronic channels such as Online Banking, Cellphone Banking and ATM’s, caps the monthly bank charges at N$98.
FNB recently urged costumers to save every month in order to avoid becoming indebted. Frewer added that they wish to continue their educational drive for their customers by giving them enhanced banking solutions for their needs while at the same time saving them some money.
He further said that: “In today’s tough climate we need every penny we can get as petrol prices increase, food prices continue soaring and most necessities increase every January ranging from school fees, stationery to medical aid and other premiums.”
FNB further emphasized that their UEPO is the cheapest pricing option and that on 27 and 28 January, FNB discounted everyday activities for their clients, this included a discount at Ster Kinekor in Windhoek whereby clients paid N$30 instead of the normal rate of N$53.

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