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Eswatini, Namibia talk environmental sustainability

Eswatini, Namibia talk environmental sustainability

Officials from the Eswatini Environmental Fund (EEF) last week concluded a visit to its Namibian counterpart where they discussed the possibility of future agreements geared toward ensuring environmental sustainability.

In their discussions, the EEF and the Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia (EIF) emphasised the importance of protecting the environment and how to ensure the citizens of the two countries use their resources productively.

The sessions provided a platform for the two institutions to network and engage on the opportunities and challenges pertaining to their respective institutional set-ups with a view toward documenting best practices and lessons learned.

The two entities also emphasised the need for EEF and EIF to form a partnership so that the shared resources can be mutually beneficial. The head of the delegation of the EEF stated they are here to learn from Namibia because EIF is better resourced and better managed – and it is one of the best examples to learn from, further urging that Africans do not always have to go outside the continent to benchmark.


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