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Green Building Convention set for end of September

The organising committee decided to postpone the convention to the end of September due to a last minute withdrawal of the venue initially booked and to have more time for marketing.
The Green Building Council Namibia will be holding their Third Annual Convention, an event with growing importance on the property and construction scene, from 26 September to 30 September with the overall theme of “Building Sustainability”.
Delegates can learn how to apply green criteria and evaluate green buildings, hear about the latest happenings on the Green building scene in Namibia and connect with others sharing an interest in sustainable built environments.
At the event, on Monday to Wednesday it will be dedicated to Training Workshops on the GreenStar Green Building certification system, covering New, Existing Buildings, Multi-Unit Residential and Interiors Rating Tools.
Meanwhile, a lively Conference and Exhibition will take place on Thursday to Friday, with many presentations on a wide variety of green building subjects, ranging from Small-scale Solar Installations, the status on Private Solar Power Production in Namibia, to How to deal with the Water Crisis, Building with Rammed Earth in Namibia, Principles of Green Housing and many more.

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