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German Embassy supports ‘forest school’ in Katima Mulilo

German Embassy supports ‘forest school’ in Katima Mulilo

The German Embassy has made a N$100,000 donation to Wild Kids Academy in Katima Mulilo, which along with the traditional education curriculum, educates learners in environmental sustainability, making of this school an example of a so-called ‘Forest School’.

The outdoor educational model will have the learners visit their environment on a regular basis and acquire social and technical skills through a hands-on approach to nature. Having the school in the heart of the Kavango-Zambesi Transfrontier Conservation Area (KAZA TFCA) offers the students the opportunity to learn to live harmoniously with the existing wildlife and nature.

They will also learn more about conservation and sustainable utilization of biodiversity. The funds were utilized to procure learning materials, such as textbooks and a photocopy machine. This helps the school to increase its intake of students and eases the lesson preparation for the staff in order to facilitate the general flow of the lessons and school process.

Wild Kids Academy Trust is a private school – registered with the Ministry of Education with an enrolment of 101 learners.


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