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Whistleblower protection to cost N$160 million per year

Whistleblower protection to cost N$160 million per year

The government will have to spend N$160 million annually on the protection of whistleblowers, Justice Minister Yvonne Dausab said this week.

Dausab said the amount, which is based on the financial and human capital costs involved in implementing the law is not available and thereby delaying the legislation.

The funds are simply not available, and hence our drive to source alternative sources of funding such as grants to realise this noble objective. One needs no reminder that the economic decline in 2016, followed by the impact of Covid-19 challenges in 2020 and most recently the adverse economic impacts of the Russia-Ukraine war,” Dausab said.

She added that these developments have all driven the government to re-think its priorities by focusing on the absolute essentials.

“As a responsible government, we remain resolute in finding a solution and have embarked on innovative initiatives towards sourcing funding to enable the implementation of this legislation. This could be in the form of grants from donors and development partners,” Dausab said.


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