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Millions invested in Hartebeestloop genetics

Edward Hansen, who bought the most expensive bull at the Hartebeestloop auction, receives a prize from Agra’s PRO - Esmeralda Ukena. Hansen bought a Hartebeestloop bull for N$400,000.A turnover of more than N$10 million was achieved at the Hartebeestloop auction which was hosted by Agra on 24 May, on the Hartebeestloop farm. A total of 317 Bonsmara stud and commercial animals sold for an average of N$32 782 per animal, while 45 Hartebeestloop bulls were sold for an average of N$123 100.
“It was fireworks; it exceeded our expectations once again. The results are not only the fruits of a year’s hard work, but ten years of selection and inputs. The strict auction requirements and high standards that were set for the selection and management of stud and commercial animals that were on offer, guarantee buyer satisfaction and value for money,” said Dr Joggie Briedenhann, owner of Hartebeestloop in retrospect.
Agra Stud Services and Hartebeestloop again succeeded to avail a unique group of animals with outstanding genetic quality, adaptability and good production potential in extensive conditions.
A wide genetic variety from different regions consisting of offsprings from more than 35 stud sires, were available and were snatched up by the successful bidders out of 130 prospective buyers who registered.
Nineteen Bonsmara bulls of Hartebeestloop sold for more than N$100 000 each. Three of these bulls were bought by South African breeders.
Edward Hansen of Emok Bonsmaras bought the most expensive bull for the second consecutive year. Guest sellers were CJ van Tonder; B Mouton/Wagner Bonsmaras; ER Hansen; JA Smit and S Coetzee/Hochfeldstreek Bonsmaras.

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