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Road accidents claim more lives

The MVA Fund held a road safety march under the theme “One life lost is one life too many. Lets unite against road carnage”. The march was spearheaded by the MVA Fund in collaboration with its Xupifa Eemwenyo stakeholders. (Photograph by Lorato Khobetsi)Statistics released by the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (MVA Fund) showed that 16 people have died on Namibian roads in the past 14 days, while 279 people sustained moderate to serious injuries in the 123 accidents recorded from 28 November to 12 December.
“This effectively means that one person dies every single day in Namibia, while 20 are injured. If this trend continues unabated, our streets will become blood baths or places of bloodshed. Therefore, as a nation, we can no longer sit back with arms folded and hope that the situation will change,” said Clive Kavendjii, deputy chairperson of the MVA Fund board of directors.
Kavendjii added that it can’t be “business as usual” any longer and that the situation requires each and everyone to stand up and actively play their role to ensure that the roads are a safer place to drive.
Police Commissioner Desiderious Shilunga called upon all drivers to stop disregarding road traffic signs, particularly by overtaking at blind spots, such as hills.
“Many people died as a result of this reckless and negligent driving. Another matter of concern is the increasing number of accidents occurring during night time. Night driving is obviously risky due to reduced visibility on the road. Drivers should reduce their speed and also drive with care to avoid accidents,” Shilunga said.
He also urged passengers to report reckless behaviour of drivers at the nearest police roadblock or checkpoint.
“Passengers should not hesitate to report to the nearest police roadblock or checkpoint regarding the behaviour of drivers, who will be speeding, overloading or driving none roadworthy vehicles or driving while under the influence of alcohol,” Shilunga said.

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