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120 rural San artisans receive support to boost production and sales of handicrafts

120 rural San artisans receive support to boost production and sales of handicrafts

The Capricorn Foundation donated N$120,000 to the Omba Arts Trust in Windhoek to support 120 artisans with logistical assistance in the production and selling of handicrafts, offering training, and providing food security to the artisans and their families.

Omba Arts Trust has been a not-for-profit, fair-trade social enterprise for over 30 years, and has been supporting over 450 rural artisans in 9 regions.

Given that Namibia is a large country with a small population, there are always challenges in providing the necessary support to artisans who live in remote, rural areas of the country, particularly to Ju/’hoansi, !Xung and Hei//omn San living on resettlement farms in Omaheke and Ohangwena regions.

Omba Arts Trust endeavours to support sustainable livelihoods and resilience of economically disadvantaged rural artisans in Namibia through developing and marketing some of Namibia’s most iconic handicrafts as well as San contemporary art.

“Our long-developed partnership with the artisans has been built on trust, and the support from the Capricorn Foundation empowers us to uphold that trust and our objective to back the artisans. We recognise the challenges faced in many of our artisans’ communities, which is why we have incorporated initiatives such as gardening projects, education of our artisan’s children and their health and wellbeing,” Karin le Roux, Director of Omba Arts Trust

According to the policy on Arts and Culture of Namibia, the mission of government in arts and culture is to promote unity in diversity, to give all Namibians a sense of identity and pride in their creative talents, and to improve the quality of life. The Capricorn Foundation recognises the importance of art for social development since its main aim is to improve society and help other people find their own means of creative expression.

Capricorn Foundation’s Executive Officer, Marlize Horn, said, “As Connectors of Positive Change, we believe that it is pivotal to partner with relevant organisations that bring about social change and empower communities to become self-sustainable. The work carried out by Omba Arts Trust is in line with one of the Capricorn Foundation’s primary focus areas namely Economic advancement and empowers some of the most vulnerable communities in Namibia.”


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