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Rising cost of living is causing havoc for all, not just civil servants – NCCI

Rising cost of living is causing havoc for all, not just civil servants – NCCI

“It is essential that the trade unions representing civil servants and their employer, the people of Namibia represented by government, reach common ground,” stated the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the lingering stand-off between the government and its employees over a strike.

NCCI Chief Executive, Charity Mwiya said in a statement, “It might be viewed as wishful thinking, but the NCCI has no doubt that between worker representatives and government, finding common ground is imminent. It is the Chamber’s fervent hope that an announcement will be made soon as this will reassure the nation, going forward.”

Ms Mwiya said the past five years are characterized by a stagnant economy and poor growth.

“The Chamber remains deeply concerned by suboptimal revenue collection by government as this has in turn derailed or delayed, the rollout of much needed social upliftment and infrastructural development programmes,” she stated.

“Increases in utility costs and local authority charges, the price of fuel, and rising inflation is wreaking havoc on the income of households. For all and not only of civil servants.”

“As for immediate relief for lower income earners, those who travel to work by way of public transport or walk as they can no longer afford the taxi-fare, NCCI restates a recommendation previously made – an immediate adjustment of the personal income bands with the threshold for zero PAYE tax payment lifted from N$50 000 to N$100 000.”

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