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National Council launches new Strategic Plan

National Council launches new Strategic Plan

The National Council of Namibia launched a new version of their Strategic Plan last week, titled, “A house of Review that truly represents the interest of the people of Namibia”.

The mission of the new strategy is to effectively carry out the legislative and investigative review and oversight function by strengthening civic engagement and partnership.

According to Hon. Margaret Mensha-Williams, Chairperson of the National Council five key pillars of the strategies are to strengthen the review function of the National Council, increase the oversight role of the National Council, enhance public and key stakeholder participation in the legislative process, enhance organizational performance and ensure an effective regulatory framework and compliance.

“This Plan has been developed to include the envisioned parliamentary reform programmes, namely, the finalisation of the Joint Parliamentary Committee Rule, the creation of Joint Parliamentary Committees and the establishment of the Parliamentary Service and its Commission,” she added.

She said for the Plan to be successfully implemented it will require combined efforts of a wide variety of stakeholders.

“However, the primary responsibility of ensuring its successful implementation will always lie with all the members of the National Council and with the support of the staff members,” she said.

Meanwhile, the Strategic Plan projects the activities that are to be carried out by the National Council within the next five years and further depicts a clear vision of the progress to be attained by the year 2022.



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