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New court at Seeis takes administration of justice closer to local community

New court at Seeis takes administration of justice closer to local community

The brand new court buildings for the Seeis Periodical Court was inaugurated this week by the Chief Justice, Hon Peter Shivute. This facility is located in the Seeis village itself, replacing the periodical court that has been housed at the police station at the nearby Hosea Kutako International Airport since 1994.

The Chief Justice said the periodical court at HKIA comprised a single tiny office, lacking provision for prosecutors, defense council, witnesses and law enforcement. The old court also had no separate ablution facility, having to make use of the police station instead.

“It has adequate office space to cater for key role players in the criminal justice system, including facilities to ensure that people with disabilities have access to the court building,” said Justice Shivute adding that its new location in Seeis village helps to bring justice closer to the community which the court serves.

“It is my expectation that the facilities placed at our disposal today will go a long way in the delivery of better services to all. Of course, the facilities on their own do not translate into better services to court users. All of us, judicial officers, prosecutors and defense counsel as well as our support staff, have to take advantage of the improved working environment to provide better services to the community. In the same vein, I plead with our court users to keep the facilities in a good condition. They must be preserved for our own use and for use by succeeding generations,” he said.

On various functions of the criminal justice system, the Chief Justice said “It is crucial that judicial officers discharge their responsibilities in accordance with their judicial oath, namely to fearlessly administer justice to all persons without favour or prejudice and in accordance with the laws of the Republic. Certain court outcomes may sometimes not be to everybody’s liking – in fact it is not the role of the courts to make popular decisions. The function of the courts is to adjudicate on disputes in accordance with the rule of law, guided only by the facts and the law.”

“As I conclude, the occasion cannot pass without expressing our sincere appreciation to the Honourable Minister of Justice for her support to the Judiciary and to all who have enabled the court to be here. A word of appreciation also goes to our stakeholders represented here for your continuous support. I also wish to thank the organising committee of this event which has worked tirelessly to ensure that the event succeeds. Our appreciation is equally extended to the officials in the Ministry of Justice responsible for the capital projects as well as the officials in the Office of the Judiciary for their continuous dedication in serving the Namibian nation. Let us continue to cooperate and coordinate our activities to strengthen the rule of law and justice for all in our country,” he concluded.

The Chief Justice of Namibia, Hon Peter Shivute (left) and the Minister of Justice, Hon Yvonne Dausab, opening the brand new Seeis Periodical Court.


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