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SSC finalises Strategic Business Plan

SSC Board Chairman Rick Kukuri

SSC Board Chairman Rick Kukuri

The management team of the Social Security Commission (SSC) last week gathered outside Windhoek to engage in team building activities which have been preceded by the finalisation of the Strategic Business Plan for 2013 to 2017.
The two day event was attended by all management cadres of the SSC throughout the country.
Speaking at the opening of the two-day retreat, SSC Board Chairman Rick Kukuri noted that the Board supports the management team building exercise as the team is entrusted with the day to day administration of the institution.
“Since the advent of modern management theory, it is generally agreed that teams deliver better results than individuals, hence institutions are encouraged to develop well functional teams to tap the best from its employees”, the SSC Chairman stated.
Kukuri urged the management team to reflect on how best to bridge the gap between stakeholders’ expectations and the current service levels and offerings.
He further implored management to come up with innovative ideas to complement government’s efforts to create employment and grow the economy.
“The SSC should become a meaningful participant in the social protection sphere in Namibia to ensure that we consistently increase the number and quantum of social security benefits to our members and their dependants.”
The SSC Chairman highlighted the following items as outstanding issues that require management’s urgent attention: the expansion of customer service access points through the addition of more fixed and mobile facilities. Enhancing products and service delivery mechanisms through e-banking, cell-phone banking, the creation of conducive work environment that is characterised by high staff morale and productivity.
Finalising the research projects and stakeholder engagement to implement the National Medical Benefit Fund and the National Pension Fund. The revision of the present legal framework to streamline the Acts to the current realities

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