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Wordweaver weaves stories again

Wordweaver Publishing House celebrated the new partnership between Bryony van der Merwe, founding member of Wordweaver Publishing and Peter Reiner earlier this week.
Bryony said that for the past three years, since she launched Wordweaver Publishing House in 2012 has been a phenomenal whirlwind of adventure for her. “I have met incredible people, and managed to work with many of them on different projects,” Bryony said.
She said that as a predominantly one-woman show in the publishing industry, she has had to wear a variety of hats from tea-maker, to publishing manager, to financial and marketing manager.
“I have folded flyers by hand, and been the delivery girl, I have personally prepared food for launches, I have edited, designed and sent countless material to print, I have never worked so hard, nor had so much fun in my life,” she said.
She added that there are ending and beginning with everything, but fortunately for her, her new beginning heralds yet another exciting chapter in her life, with Peter Reiner as her business partner and Renate van Wyk, who is assisting them.
“We enter a new phase, a phase where we can all focus on our strengths and lead the company forward in ways which were not possible before,” she explained. “I believe that this new partnership, and essentially, new company, will be able to offer both our readers and our authors more, and that we will continue to place Namibian writing on the global map,” she added.
Dr Andre du Pissani, Guest Speaker said that words are important and that, if your are surrounded by books, you will never be lonely. “Publishing in the Namibian environment, where the population is small, and the reading population is even small, is an act of courage and hope and therefore Bryony has achieved an incredible feat in the past few years,” he added.
New business partner Peter Reiner said that it is important to have high quality books, and that the days of “Development Literature” are now over. “We will be more selective about what we publish, focussing on well written international quality and will always remain committed to Namibian Literature,” he concluded.
Wordweaver has published 25 book since 2012 and this would not have be possible without the authors, readers, library services, newspapers, radio services, The Goethe Institute, The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, The Namibian Children’s Book Forum and countless other institutions and people who pledged their commitment to Namibian literature.

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