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“Gondwana is in my DNA”

“Gondwana is in my DNA”

Honouring how important their staff are to them, the Gondwana Collection recently shone the light on Maria Mvula, who is currently the Collection Manager at Namib Desert Collection.

Explaining how she became part of the Gondwana family, the Collection said Maria picked up a brochure at one of the internet cafés in Swakopmund and applied as a volunteer and then became a trainee. “She started as a trainee in one of the restaurants and worked herself up,” they added.

Maria said that she knows the journey is challenging but the challenges make a person grow and become stronger, if one takes it in a positive way. “I am enjoying it every day, because tourism and hospitality have been one of my options when I was still in high school and I think I made the right decision,” she emphasised.

She explained that Gondwana is a purposeful company and part of the sector that she loves the most. “Gondwana makes you feel at home and the culture and its values and guidelines make it a unique company to work for,” added Maria.

Furthermore she said the company has made a big difference in her life comparing to how her life started and the love she has for Gondwana and its people is just way too big.

I am a Gondwana Ambassador, and the driving force we get from our leaders is such a great upliftment, therefore the Gondwana DNA becomes part of our lives and is the way of life for us,” she concluded.

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