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A lawyer with a soft heart

A lawyer with a soft heart

Esmeralda Nguasena-Katjaerua a Senior Associate at Angula Co.Incorporated strives to be a great lawyer who will contribute to a change in Namibia’s jurisprudence. She is a mother, wife and sister who is compassionate, loyal and impatient. She is a litigation lawyer, litigating in various areas of law such as family, commercial and corporate law.
She says the best part of being a lawyer is the ability to change and help other people, for her law is human and where it is not, it is not law. But she stated even though it is great to be a lawyer, and because lawyers exude a lot of confidence, they are often misunderstood and sometimes even judged.
In her life she is motivated by her family because their guidance and support is immeasurable, their patience is overwhelming and their love, takes her breath away.
She says that great minds have uttered these words but she will reiterate them because their value cannot be overemphasized. “Be proud of who you are, believe in what you can achieve despite what anyone says and more importantly remain humble and stay focused, and invest in the things that no one can take away from you, these are education, faith and love,” she advised Namibia women and girls.
Her immediate goal or plan is to make partner at her firm in the next year or two and to start a charity for children with disabilities. “I am proud every time I change or help someone’s life for the better, even though my achievements make me proud, they are not who I am,” she said.
Originally from Aminuis in the Omaheke Region, Esmeralda has an LLB degree from UNAM and was admitted to the High Court of Namibia in July 2013. She also obtained her right of audience in the Supreme Court of Namibia in September 2014 and is currently studying for an LLM in Commercial Law at UNISA.
In conclusion she quoted Winston Churchill, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

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