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Help kids choose the right career path

Help kids choose the right career path

Rossouw Human Resources Consulting (RHRC) is urging different professionals to send them videos that will give the youth a glimpse of their careers and how they got there.

The HR company noticed that access to real time career information for Namibian youth is seriously lacking and by submitting these videos will help them help kids gain insight into the various careers that can be followed.

The intention is to create an online platform where our Namibian children can gain access to these videos to learn more abut career possibilities, free of charge,” added the company. They explained that interested individuals can make a short video, which does not have to be professional quality and they must be willing to have this video posted online without expecting financial gain from it.

Tell us what career you are following, tell us what your career path has been, leading up to where you are today, tell us what qualifications you have if any, but having a formal qualification is not a prerequisite to take part, tell us what a typical day in your work life looks like and share any advice you might have for learners considering the same career,” they added.

Video can be send to [email protected] or 081 148006

Let us get everyone involved in creating an opportunity for our kids to learn about the careers Namibia and the world has to offer,” they concluded.

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