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11-year tradition sees Retirement Fund Solutions support NAMCOL best performers

11-year tradition sees Retirement Fund Solutions support NAMCOL best performers

Retirement Fund Solutions continued their 11-year tradition of sponsoring the prize money for NAMCOL students who excelled at their schoolwork.

“We wish to encourage and inspire young Namibians and particularly NAMCOL students to grab their second chance in life to excel and give them more reason to make a positive difference in their own lives,” said the Managing Director of Retirement Fund Solutions, Mathinuz Fabianus when announcing the sponsorship.

The sponsorship of N$20,000 is for the prize money that NAMCOL’s best performing students receive at the institution’s academic ceremony. Since Retirment Fund Solutions first supported NAMCOL, more than N$155,000 have been sponsored to award students’ performance.

Fabianus said they are very proud of the students who received the various prizes over the course of eleven years. The prizes go to those students who have scored the best marks in the different NSSU Grade 12 subjects.

Retirement Fund Solutions’ support for NAMCOL is an expression of solidarity for those communities in which the company conducts its business.. It is also an opportunity for the company’s staff to be directly involved.

“Our social responsibility investment is premised on the personal involvement of our staff, where we let staff take ownership by personally driving socially uplifting initiatives and supporting them to be recognised in their communities. The main areas of our focus are sport upliftment and education, but we also look at general charitable initiatives. Recognition of any of our staff for their involvement in community upliftment projects, is synonymous to recognition of RFS. In this regard, each director, and by extension the staff, has an annual budget amount allocated to drive their involvement in identified projects on a recurring basis,” said Fabianus.

“I have been amongst the learners of the Namcol Yetu Yama Centre in the 90’s and have also personally assisted a number of my own family members improve their grades through Namcol,” he concluded.


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