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Visual arts fly on bank money

Four delighted UNAM Visual Arts students who will benefit from the Standard Bank sponsorship are, from the left, Shikulo Pinehas, Viana Rugwindira, Beatha Shinana, and Ilovu Actovel. Altogether 26 final year students benefit from the N$120,000 contribution. (Photograph by Jenny Sitole)

Standard Bank this week sponsored the University Of Namibia’s Visual Arts department students with a sponsorship to the value of N$120,000 for the 2015 academic year. The beneficiaries are 26 senior visual arts students.

Dr Napandule Shiweda, a lecturer and Head of the visual arts department said “An amount of N$60,000 will be taken from the N$120,000 to buy art material, research material for fourth year students, workshops material, and exhibition material, also for the fourth year students who are required to host an annual presentation. Different departments in the disciplines of music, theatre and drama, visual culture, and creative expression, also received an amount of N$60,000.”
Standard Bank and UNAM have had a supportive relationship that has been honed for almost 12 years now. And investing in the University’s Visual and Performing Arts Departments is part of Standard Banks annual corporate social responsibility.
Ms Catherine McRoberts a lecturer in textile studies expressed her appreciation for the financial support as the money really goes a long way to help the students prepare for their final examinations. “It is impossible to afford to buy everything by themselves especially when material for the workshops and exhibitions are needed.”
“Through the bank’s corporate social responsibility investment students have made careers for themselves in fashion design and arts, while others got employment at institutions in various capacities, McRoberts further stated. The largest sponsorship from Standard Bank as yet to the Visual Arts department is the annual Fashion Show held in October each year. This show plays a crucial role in the training of the students as it is the first platform where they are exposed to the rigorous demands of participating in a fashion show. Standard Bank has also built the Art Department’s new improved art gallery.

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