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Simtec widens its foot print

Namibian owned company Simtec Technology will on Monday go live as they launch the first phase of their software development, after a successful completion and testing which will see them handling the needs of an overseas firm, Strata Worldwide from America. According to Simtec Technology, they are unaware of any 100% Namibian owned company that has developed software of this scale for overseas companies. “The operational management system is software that is designed to manage their internal business processes on a daily as well as long term basis where it has been developed in Microsoft .Net with Microsoft SQL server as the Database” states Leandi du Plessis, Sales Executive at Simtec.

The project is estimated to be worth several million dollars and at the moment the initial phase is complete and the second phase which is in the pipeline is expected to be complete by May 2014. Simtec Technology Group, formally known as Simpology Technology Services was contacted by the Strata Worldwide, a company based in United States of America to develop software for them that will be used in all the continents that they have representation like North and South America, Australia, Europe and Africa. “We have developed and are maintaining similar systems in Namibia particularly in the mining industry. We also develop and maintain other types of systems for the Banking and other sectors in Namibia” reiterated du Plessis. The company made a strategic decision to export their expertise as they can earn foreign currency as well as show their capabilities as Namibians to export not only products but services as well. According to Simtec after less than 3 months development the “feedback received from Strata was very positive and they are very happy with the quality of work by a Namibian company” stated Leandi. Since its inception in 2009, Simtec has grown into a reputable technology consultancy firm offering one-stop software programme needs and producing concepts of gathering data using various software programmes from different departments in organisations starting from very low levels and converting them into information before presenting to people at a higher level so as to help them make decisions in their business. Currently Simtec employs the best professionals to develop test and maintain these types of systems evident from past clients in the mining sector like Langer Heinrich Uranium and Skorpion Zinc and now they are geared up towards business operations abroad. “The systems we develop are focused on medium to large scale enterprises. The cost is high but it is offset by the benefits these enterprises gain from these systems” said du Plessis.

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