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Census results expected this month

Plans by the National Planning Commission to announce the preliminary results for the 2011 Population and Housing Census are on track, with the Central Bureau of Statistics set to release the Census Thematic Report at the end of this month.
“The date anticipated for the release of preliminary results is still end of March 2012,” said Ester Paulus, public relations officer at National Planning Commission.
According to Paulus, “the census office is currently verifying the preliminary results.”
The Census Thematic Report, will consist of an in depth analysis based on different themes.
National Planning Commission director general, Tom Alweendo, is expected to announce the  preliminary results.
The 2011 Population and Housing Census exercise officially started on 28 August 2011, after which the census office commenced with data processing at the end of 2011.
The final and complete census results will be released in 2014.
The total budget for the entire census operations is about N$276, 539, 951. The funds were spent on the entire census activities including the pre-enumeration phase, enumeration phase and for the post enumeration phase and the extension.

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