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2013 Speed challenge produces 36 records

The 7th edition of the 2013 Luderitz Speed Challenge ended with 36 records broken from 11 different countries. The event, which ended on Sunday, 17 November showed an inprovement in length, width and better angle.
The surfers from 18 different nationalities competed and produced better performances in lighter wind conditions. The aim of the event was to give the opportunity to sailors to go faster than ever before in a confident atmosphere, providing the best conditions for many nationalities to defend their national flag.

This World Record Attempt in speed sailing is an unique event where a community of dedicated sailors get together in the desert to push their physical and mental limits beyond their personal best.
The 2013 event delivered 58 riders in 14 race days with 2005 finished runs and 70 hrs15mins of racing. This Speed Challenge has proved year on year to be the most efficient place for numerous riders to achieve new records which now total: 64 National and 11 World Records.
The aim of the Speed Challenge is to develop the sport through performances never before reached for skilled sailors; sharing together the same passion for the sport.
The only place now where you can see the Legends of Windsurfing such as Bjorn Dunkerbeck, Antoine Albeau and Anders Bringdal, together defying the elements and competing to be the fastest in the world, is in Lüderitz.
The prizes were; N$20 000 for winners offered by BSi Steel and a fabulous Chris Benz Digital Depthmeter GOLD watch.
 The 21 times World champion and current World Record Holder in Windsurfing Antoine Albeau who was leading the race with 50.07 kts in light conditions was passed by the Swedish Anders Bringdal , World Record Holder on a production board who reached 50.43 kts.
Zara Davis from the United Kingdom, World Record Holder in Windsurfing, once again performed very well by reaching the best speed in Windsurfing female ranking with 43.77 kts.
The French Kitesurfer, organizer and double World Record Holder Sébastien Cattelan, reached the best overall performance this year with 55.36 kts.
He was really close to breaking the World Record again this year and this despite the huge effort and energies required to ensure that the event runs smoothly like his co-organiser and partner Sophie Routaboul, who achieved the best performance in the ladies Kitesurfing  with an impressive 45.44 kts.
At the 2012 event, Dutch Jurjen Van der Noord was the revelation and at this year’s event, Hans Kreisel, also from the Netherlands impressed everyone with his performances.
He is also one of the youngest sailors.
The 2013 event was opened by the Honourable Minister of Environment and Tourism Uahekua Herunga on 06 October and the event held its closing ceremony in the brand new Crayfish Bar Lounge of the Lüderitz Nest Hotel. The Crayfish Bar Lounge was constructed especially for the 2013 World Record Attempt, with the riders, the organisers, sponsors, the Lüderitz Town Council and TV crews all there to congratulate the winners of this year’s event.
Routaboul said the 2014 edition preparations are already underway.

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