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Environmental Investment Fund donates gardens to women in the Oshana Region

Environmental Investment Fund donates gardens to women in the Oshana Region

The Environmental Investment Fund (EIF) of Namibia handed over upgraded gardens in the Oshana Region. to Hilja Shigwedha, Eveline Amunyela, Rosalia Amupolo and Ileni Nadjato recently.

Corporate Communications Manager of the Fund, Lot Ndamanomhata said they came across a story that was published in a local daily newspaper last year, that highlighted the struggles of these women who had backyard gardens and were in need of assistance.

“Therefore the decision by the Fund to assist these individuals is part of its corporate social responsibility and we decided to support them to extend their gardens and feed not only their families but the community. This can also be an encouragement to them use the income from the gardens to better their lives while being sustainable in their approach,” added Ndamanomhata

EIF supports activities that promote the sustainable use of natural resources, which contribute to the economic development of the country. “The recipients in the past struggled with water and expanding their gardens, and now they are all benefiting from their harvests. They grow sweet potato, maize, butter-nut which they sell to community members in surrounding areas” added the EIF.

Rosalia Amupolo is growing apples, raspberries, strawberries, grapes, guava and garlic. “I am taking this opportunity to grow as much as I can because other crops thrive better than some but I am trying, but I must admit the challenge is the pest, it is a serious problem for us especially when it comes to the tomatoes,” she added.

Councilor Aram Martin, who represented the Oshana Region’s Governor Honourable Elia Irimari said this kind of assistance will greatly improve the lives of not only the beneficiaries but the whole community as a new source of food as arrived and that the community members will also see a new form of income because of the support the EIF.

In their combined gratitude speech, the ladies vowed to take care of their gardens. “We will do what it takes to sustain their gardens and contribute to the country’s mission of food security and that they are very happy and grateful for the support that they have received,” they emphasised.

Upgrades ranged from having water tanks with 2500 litre capacity installed, to increasing irrigation pressure in the garden without the need for pressure pumping machines, nurseries were constructed, gardens were fenced off to protect the gardens from unwarranted entries.

A dedicated water supply system was established and a water tank based fabrication was installed, plus a three-section drip irrigation system which will enable the planting of three or more different crops at the same time was made available to these small scale farmers, which will allow for multiple watering ways. Also included were seedlings and NPK fertilizers.


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