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Foot and Mouth cases in the Zambezi region spread to more villages

Foot and Mouth cases in the Zambezi region spread to more villages

The Directorate of Veterinary Services last week announced that the outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) in the Zambezi Region has spread to four other villages infecting 795 cattle in total.

The first FMD case was confirmed at the Kasenu Village in the Kasika area of the Zambezi region on 3 June and has since spread.

The Agriculture Ministry’s Chief Veterinary, Albertina Shilongo said the source of the FMD infection is suspected to either be due to the contact of cattle with free-roaming buffaloes in the area or smuggling of infected cattle from neighboring countries.

“However, the investigation to ascertain the source of infection is ongoing. The spread of the disease to other villages is due to the movement of livestock to areas in the flood plain in search of better grazing,” she added.

According to Shilongo, control measures are being instituted and will be in force for the next 14 days and after the period, the control measures will be reviewed and the public will be notified accordingly.

Shilongo said emergency vaccination of cattle against FMD has commenced in high-risk areas and it is progressing well.

“So far 68,544 out of 75,000 cattle have been vaccinated, representing 93 percent of the targeted cattle population. Farmers are urged to continue to bring their cattle for vaccination as the announcement of Veterinary Services,” she concluded.


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